Website to-do list

Here's a list of the things being worked on for the site. They will take time to complete, but they will be done as time permits. Pheel phree to share your ideas and I'll add them to the list. Any ideas that are technically challenging are my favorites.
  • Internal mini-chat room that only displays Theban characters.
  • Flash card game to help people learn Theban
  • Integrate The Slabs into the new site (done 12-7-2019)
  • Style the Activity section to include the picture or avatar of the person the Activity was created by (that's on the front middle of the website that shows recent site activity) (done 12-8-2019)
  • A countdown timer to the next New Moon  (to help create a New Moon Chat Meeting sort of chat night. Those used to be pretty fun) (done 12-22-2019)
  • Embed the Sigil maker into the site and allow a place to input any name (done 12-6-2019), and allow other methodologies for making Sigils (not just based on Agrippa 1531)
  • From the content the site generates, create a print newsletter (not just an online newsletter).
  • Embed a word-search game that uses only Pagan terms.
  • Transfer the Pentacles from Vassago to the site (I'd like feedback on this, as it implies Vassago won't track Pentacles if we moved them to the site. Ultimately this would be a decision we all vote on here on the site)
  • Module to list existing Clubs (done 12-16-2019)
  • Wall of Shame (list of websites found that only want your money)
  • Allow a world map that shows where everyone is, if they want to share their general location.
  • If we move earned Pentacles from Vassago to the site, create the Pentacles Store here on the site.
  • Clean the menu up.
  • (Lachlan) Slowly replace the site's standard icons with Witchey and Paganish icons in an effort to give the site a theme that was unmistakably Pagan and Witchey.
  • (RedBeard) Add a box on the site that shows all of the active Polls.
  • (Newf) Fix NST time error
Okay, there's the start of the to-do list. Note that there are all sorts of cool features available when you post to the forums, like these little icons that Lachlan suggested Select image: and you can use color and different fonts. Oh, also, you can toggle spellcheck on and off by clicking the icon that says "abc"


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These are all awesome ideas, I'm super excited to see them integrated into the website!  <3
malatesa, can you try to make this appear on the front page as well? <3

PS. exclamation mark and denied emoticon might come handy in the future, in means of staff :)
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