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I'd like to create a sort of Declaration of Purpose or a Mission Statement for the site. Obviously I have very strong feelings about it already, but I'd like to know if there's things that you find valuable about the chat room or the site that can be included in a sort of mission. Here's a few of the things that I believe are important to pagans. But everyone has their own experience with it, so if you have a moment, share yours if you like.

"Witches Chat is a 100% free online Witches and Pagan community. We are here to bring people together, not to sell you things or to make money. We believe in growing forests, not cutting and burning them down to build toxic smoke polluting factories. We believe in feeding people and educating the masses, not building billion dollar bombs to kill people in endless wars. We have spiritual and political views that put power in the hands of women, the young, LGBT, and people of every color, not just white men in the establishment. We are environmentalists and activists, and we believe the planet is fragile and living, and that we need to take care of it. We welcome people from all religious backgrounds, but unlike the theology of the Abrahamic religions, we are not here to tell you who you can and can not have sex with, or who you have to vote for, or that you are going to hell if you do not obey. We stand on opposition to wealth and wage inequality, war, deforestation, racism, sexism, and the monsters that exonerate the crimes of the wealthy while they persecute the poor. We are The Witches, and if you believe as we do, we welcome you."

What's important to you?
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   >What's important to you?<<

Quite the punchy question….almost like an action of Fireworks set off within the current Social Dynamics..

  I have re-visited the above dialogue a few times…….it is sort of like a 'Window' that flashes just the right amount of Ambiance when all else around is dismal.

However, at each visit - there is a pause as too how too respond - in trying not to seek an action of 'Judgmental' - BUT at the same time offering a 'Truth' as a Visual impression..

I took this Dilemma to the Neteru - went before them for Council - and this Morn they gave Voice back…
"You will examine all the pros and cons of the situation before you, and make a fair and balanced decision.  An important thought will be turned inwards, then turned outwards to solve a 'problem'.
You will hand out sound advice and wisely follow sound advice that is given to you.".

I feel a like solemnity in saying that to the very best of my knowledge, to the depths of my honor, I have spoken only a Truth of Individual understanding.
Either way the sense of direction to speak my honest sentiments as herein contained is perceived dicey…..not that I choose to be difficult, but because I love the value of a direct Truth more, and thus I am too Wise to worry about the Fear/s of any consequences…
So here goes…..

What IS I suppose valuable, (not necessarily important as that deems a Materialistic Desire) is keeping any Statement/Declaration of Purpose short and too the Point…
That hopefully initiates a Truth…….more than a Judgment.

** It needs to be effective - but not bound by Promises that later become a fallout within the Values it is setting.
IE: "not to sell you things or to make money".
That would therefore eradicate a On-line Marketplace, and or any Financial Sponsors, and even with the BEST Will in the Cosmic Web - Survival is sadly determined by Cultural Funding of several Natures.

** It doesn't need to highlight Genders on any scale (as that can often be seen discriminating - even when it is not)
IE: "Witches and Pagan community".
It has already acknowledged the 'Witches Chat' - but in this sentence it defines a Separation - We are either ALL or Nothing…
IE: "of women, the young, LGBT, and people of every color, not just white men in the establishment".
The passion to be a Protector on declared levels - kinda also declares War on one highlighted portion..

** "We have spiritual and political views"
Says it all - it is a recognition of both Will & Intent.!!!
This sadly becomes lost in the dialogue of subsequent "Politics"…
IE "not cutting and burning them down to build toxic smoke polluting factories".
"not building billion dollar bombs to kill people in endless wars".
The above are injections of 'Personal' Energies - it sets a Tone within the 'Declaration of Purpose', and although based on the Grand Scheme of Politics/Environmental Behaviour it also Judges the Natural Traditions.
>>>"growing forests, not cutting and burning them"
_ Use of the Circle Fire is questioned
- Use of Cabins, Native Homes etc is questioned
-  Use of Tools and modes for Survival is questioned

** "all religious backgrounds, but unlike the theology of the Abrahamic religions"
(denoting any or all of the Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) that revere Abraham, the Biblical patriarch.)
- Kinda incites a Opinion of 'We' are Better than - when your opening statement started of as:
"We are here to bring people together"…

** "We stand on opposition … while they persecute the poor.."  quite the list - but is it really what serves the idea within a "Statement/Declaration of Purpose"..
Not saying that folks should not stand against any action that causes imbalance - the above brings to mind the Verse :
“When you see misdeeds, speak out against them, and give your enemies no Power”
"We hereby Declare that we do not condone hatred or discrimination carried out in the Name of "Religion"…".

**.."We are The Witches, and if you believe as we do, we welcome you"
….and here lies a dilemma - I am NOT a "Witch" by the standards of Terms given - I am  a Maa-Kheru/Ma'Kheru - 'True of Voice' - "Truth Speaker".. …
That in itself does NOT seperate me from what I believe in - but it does seperate me from what you or anyone in the context of a Spiritual Wold believes in.

Why ??? - because we are ALL Unique…not Clones…that follow any one given Authority,,,
….and that is what is Important to me…..the Reality of "I Am as I AM"…a Free Agent within the Spirits and Divinities..


                          I AM Balanced.jpg

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Hmm… What is important to me…

Well, for me on the very top rung it would be home and family. I'm a classic introvert so what is most important to me seems selfish to most people. I want my own place and space, peace and quiet, and to be left alone to live my life and practice my craft in my own way. I want to be able to take care of myself and my family, to have access to the things I need to manage that. Access to decent healthcare, education, clean and safe parks, and officials that see those things as important and worth fighting for and supporting.

Unfortunately this world and certain people in it have a way of intruding onto and into every aspect in life if allowed. The current political climate seems to be out of control in that respect right now, and understandably so. Somehow we have managed to put lousy senators in office and people seem to be overlooking that we put them there. They are the ones that persuaded the EC to assign a candidate, despite popular vote being against him, that is now running amuck and who protect him beyond reason at great risk of getting themselves replaced…  providing we take action in the local elections and replace them.  

So, aside from home and family, this moment in time I'm trying to put local politics in the spotlight for a time. We need to do something different, all of us, when it comes to what's important.  I'm looking into the local political party office that I feel would make the difference. I'm hoping others will start looking seriously into if they haven't yet as well… however another important thing to me is also choice. I understand the hassle isn't something everyone can afford to put time into so though this might have sounded like something of a rally call… it's my own shtick.  Happy to share, if someone else is interested, but at the moment this is where I am.

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The above post was mine. I'm a little annoyed with myself that I keep forgetting to log in when I post.
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