How To Make a Spirit Bottle


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Ancestor Wisdom

A Spirit Bottle is used to communicate with the dead

Collect as many of the following items as possible;
to be assembled within a cast circle

Glass bottle or jar; don't use plastic
1 white and 1 black candle
food 🥐🍎🍬& drink 🍺 ☕️ offerings, set aside

Pick Seven herbs for attracting spirits of the dead:
Basil - etheric protection
Bay 🍃leaf - spirituality
Cayenne peppers or powder - aid spiritual connection
Cinnamon - adds spiritual energy
Coffee Beans - especially appreciated by many deceased
Cornmeal - life symbol, offering
Dandelion root - summons spirits
Eggshells, powdered - protective
Frankincense & Myrrh - uplifting, spiritual
Garlic - protective
Mint - encourage communication
Rosemary - purifying
Rowanwood berries - protection from harmful magic
Rue - caution, truth
Sage - use the cooking type & not white sage which keeps spirits away
Salt - purification & protective
Thyme - dispels harm & honors the dead
Yarrow - leaf or flower spiritual communication
Yew needles mixed with pine cones & pine needles - symbols of death and life

Graveyard Dirt, collected with permission & a coin or token left in exchange - otherworldly link

3 bent pins to deflect harm

Your hair and/or nail clippings as taglock IF the spirit bottle is for your ancestors

A memento owned by an ancestor, or a list of names of deceased relatives rolled into a tube & tied with red thread, a symbol of ancestry

Skeleton key - door opener to other world

Hard Candy or lifesavers - offering

Layer the ingredients in the Bottle

Start with graveyard dirt at the bottom
Add 7 layers of herbs up to half full
Then add personal objects - photo, memento, hair & nail clippings
3 bent pins
Skeleton key, candy at the top of the bottle

Seal the bottle with wax drippings from the black candle

Place the filled & sealed bottle on your altar & consecrate it to its purpose; spritz with lightly salted water, waft Thyme smoke around it to honor deceased; do not use white sage which removes spirits!; bless & dedicate the Spirit Bottle to your ancestors.

Place the white & black candle on either side of your Spirit Bottle - white to attract wisdom & black to dispel harm - and light the candles; add any protective crystals you have.
Place a dish with food offerings in front & a cuppa coffee ☕️ or tea 🫖.and leave them over night.

Write 3 questions or requests you want to ask of the spirits. Then burn each piece of paper in your fire-bowl or cauldron. Later you will scatter the ashes outdoors and also lay the food & drink on the sacred Earth for spirits with your thanks.

Be clear on your intentions and never ask a spirit to do harm or mischief

Thank and farewell the Goddess and Gods you invoked
Thank and farewell the spirits you may have called to
Keep the Spirit Bottle on your altar or in a protected spot to keep your ancestors near; they will know they are honored ano may speak to you from the other side or enter your dreams.
Ground the circle to end the rite.

Place food, drink & ashes outside on the ground the next day

Dismantling the bottle with reverence and dispersing the contents will end the connection, should you or they ever wish to do so.


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