What is your holiday special?

What can we do to get our best holiday groove on?

Making a Yule log and the spells and rituals that involve it
Baking sweets n such
Family dinner, reunions
Setting up a yule alter, special rituals, spells
Volunteer in the community
DIY decorations
Other, please list your comments below

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Wether it's a single small family or big reunion or a simple solitary celebration, people from all over the world celebrate a holiday along the time of winter solstice. This can take the form of a big, well planned event, or a simple yet enjoyable time set aside. We all have our own ways that mean the most to us. Thare may be tables of food or the single ramen noodle meal during which we are able to take the time to reflect, be grateful, thankful, and hopeful. The main thing for us is that we take the time to experience that moment, when your breath is slowed, ur mouth parched, and that forced swallow that puts your heart back where it belongs. Reflecting on the past, being in the moment for the present, and hopefull like a child for the future.

This time of year is the time that some focus on our problems. What if…..
What if our problems became a solution?
Please watch the following video and see how these 10 holiday gifts will change your life. Everyone has something to give.

10 gifts to change your world

If the video peaks your curisoty, the 10 gifts are broken down futher in the facebook feed of the content provider. Just scroll down till you come across them. I believe he talks about a different once each week.

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I'm one of those not called holiday spirited people. I don't decorate or usually even cook that much.

we used to spend it woth my friend on time to watching stupid movies online, this year will be different, so I most likely will just sleep.

to me holidays ia to make it meaningful for others, not myself. hehe.
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