The Magic Cupboard

What top 3 magic herbs would u suggest a beginner to start their collection with that can be easily found at most supermarkets and can be used for a multitude of things?

Bay Leaf
Red Pepper

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The Witches Cupboard

From time to time I gawk at pictures of magic herb cupboards on Pinterest. They're intriguing with their antiqued finishes and wood burnt etchings, jars neatly organized. Decorated, labeled and corked bottles begging to be tinkered with. I see people on Youtube and wonder what is in theirs? But in the end, while those are nice I should keep in mind that I dont need all of that. Sure if money was no option I'd have some scattered about, but I think the focus should be more on the craft, knowledge and skill level. It doesnt matter how awesome the cupboard looks if i dont know how to maximize what herbs I do have and the uses contrived from a singular herb.

I wonder what my herbs say about me? What one might come to know about me by what I do keep in stock. What types of spells I do and how often I use them by the quantities I have. Would ppl see only a few and think wow he must really know what hes doing to need so few? Or that Im minimalistic in my apporach?

As far as those huge cupboards with tons of herbs….seriously people can't use that many, can they? Must just be for show. Thats not to say though that one day I may in fact have that fancy box, decorated to the hilt with lots of hand picked herbs in those decorated, labeled and corked bottles. And if I do, I'll be sure and post a pic on Pinterest for the next witch to drool over!
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Rosemary, because it's versatile and can substitute all other herbs.

Sage, because of it purifying and cleansing properties

bay leaf, because its protective and good herb to work with.

all three are awesome in cooking as well, so those who don't want to make big number pf their practices don't need to really explain having the three mentioned above.
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