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some basics about chakras

Hey all,
 I just wanted to share a little info on chakras and the energy body. Some folks call the energy body the aura. In energy work like Reiki, we practitioners work with a client's energy body, which encompasses the chakra system.
Every one and everything in the Universe is connected in the Quantum Field of energy. Everything IS energy. Even the smallest particles of the tiniest spec of material in the Universe is made of constantly moving energy.
DId you know that the heart is an amazing energy generator? The enregy field of a person's heart actually radiates up to 9 feet out from their physical body in all directions.  AMAZING STUFF.

Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy that reside in seven places from just below the sacrum and up through the spine to the crown of the head (just above the physical skull).
When your energy body is in balance, and energy flow throughout the chakra system is healthy, a person will feel spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced.
When there are energy blockages, or stagnant energy, or some kind of damage has occured to one or more of the chakras (this can happen due to trauma in this life and/or past ones) a person will begin to feel unwell on many levels.
Our energy works and communicates with us through a "trickle down" or "bubble up" approach, depending on how you look at it.

If you have a Spiritual lesson that your soul is working through, and you choose to ignore instead of face it, it will bubble up into your mental system and manifest as a mental trouble or metastacize into full blown mental illness. If it isn't deal with at that level, it will affect you emotionally, causing unresaonable emotions to come up and affect your close relationships as well as your own emotional health. IF the issue is still not dealt with, it will then begin to manifest as a physical ailment.

THings from childhood can lie dormant in your energetic system and as you grow, it will grow and eventually manifest as illness. Alot of auto-immunne disorders can begin this way.

NOW, I am not saying that people are to blame for their own illnesses or discounting physical or mental illness in any way. I am not a doctor, but I will say that speaking from my own personal experience, energetic healing work has helped me eventually get off my psych meds, and physically have the energy to take care of myself better. My husband is bipolar, and he remains medicated and in treatment for his illness.
We both do what we need to to take care of ourselves and each other.
For me, a lot of energy work and meditation and prayer are VITAL to me staying well.

Ill add more to this forum. And if you have questions, let's talk! :)
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