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...the values as 'Sympathetic' Magicke

  We have all wandered through a Dollar store - half glancing at the shelves - ne'er quite sure as to why we had even gone there the first place!!
That casual push of a trolley - that does more to support the lazy intent of walking, begging to be filled - reminding you, that the few lost items crouching in a corner does not cut the reasoning for its presence!!

So….as I wandered the aisles - my attention was drawn to the shelf of 'Colognes'…and I was reminded of some past Magickal Spiritual Colognes (a subject that had deserved some deep research for a Class a wee while back), and certainly has had a long foot hold in the Occult…..

Many of those Occult Colognes are now hard to find - they were often used BECAUSE of the 'Magickal' Labels, that gave Ashe under the values as 'Sympathetic' Magicke, to serve both the Practitioner, as well as any eager Recepient's need/desire…

Now-a-days many Practitioners rely on products heavily produced under manufactured conditions, or through sources clearly not so well versed in the Arts….so maybe grabbing a 'Magickal' name off a shelf, and charging it furthur under agreed conditions, will give it a greater 'Sympathetic' Magickal relief, and do what others cannot….

So I grabbed, and in the next Session of Teaching the class, and I tested the values…
 - see photos - Just a few named Old products in exchange for a Newer style???:>

Cologne 7 Indian Tobacco / 7 Siete Machos - exchanged for modern alternative "After '7' "
7 Indian Tobacco.jpg    7 Siete Machos.jpg       After 7.jpg

(Modern) Protection from Enemies - exchanged for "Warrior"

Protection from Enemies.jpg

Warrior and Hot Thrills.jpg
(Modern) Fiery Wall of Protection / Water of Mars - exchanged for "Hot Thrills" mixed with a little of "Warrior"
Fiery Wall of Protection.jpg

     Water of Mars (aka War Water).jpg
Money Soap/Cologne/Law of Dollars - exchanged for "1 Million"

     Money Soap.jpg       Million.jpg

Quick Money Soap/Money, Luck Soap/Fast Luck/Gambler's Soap - exchanged for "Lady Fortune" mixed with a little "1 Million"

   Quick Money Drawing Triple Strength Soap.jpeg

Lady Fortune & Million.jpg

My favourite…
No More Lies Salt - exchanged for "Truth or Dare"

     No More Lies Salt.jpg

          Truth & Dare.jpg

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Nice find, Light!
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