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I've been on this website for a few months, but never got around to being active on it, or making an introduction post. I also joined the sister website, Witches . Community yesterday. Nonetheless, I'm happy to be here.

I go by the name Oakley, but I'm also okay with my real name, Kailyn. I am 22, genderqueer, autistic and disabled. I use they/them pronouns, but I'm also okay with she/her and he/him. I have been practicing witchcraft of all sorts for over a decade.  I have dabbled into deities, and other types of Gods and Goddesses, but now I work fine on my own. I do listen when Gods/Goddesses call out, just as I do listen to spirits and energy. I believe we are all connected. I believe in The Great Divine, and that's the title I'm happy to use in replace of "God".

I practice several things, mostly divination. I'm always reading and learning more, as well as practicing. Currently, I work in retail as a phone salesperson, but my true calling is to be a spiritual counselor, and use my intuition to help others. If you're interested, I do have an Instagram, and Facebook page and group under the name "Oak Tree Psychic", you can follow to join me on my journey. I do not charge people for readings, but I accept tips and donations, and I hope to always be this way. I feel like it's not fair to charge people to inform them what their spirit guides want them to know.

I am young, but I have an old experienced soul. I'm happy to be on this site, as well as the sister website, and I hope to be able to connect with others and learn more. I am proud of myself and my journey, but I'm humble, and I feel I always have something else to learn.

May peace and love and light be on to you, merry meet and blessed be!

- Oakley
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