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In our chat room, we've got a helper bot called Vassago. A bot is an app that sits in a chat room and helps people do things. In Vassago's case, he'll help you find books or find out information about other people that chat in the room. Vassago is unique and was written and programmed exclusively for the Witches Chat room. Vassago runs on a BSD/Unix server somewhere in Seattle, and he's written in a computer language called TCL. If you have questions about him, please feel free to create a ticket.

Because our chat room is text-based, all of the commands to Vassago are simple text. Some commands should be posted in public, and some should be posted in private. Below is a list of common commands.

To get Vassago's attention for public commands, simply type the command in this form: Vassago <command> <arguments>
To get Vassago's attention for private commands, simply type the command in this form: /MSG Vassago <command> <arguments>
For private commands, don't forget the little / mark in front of the MSG command.
Vassago's public commands
HS hs <sign> vassago hs pisces
LEARN learn <term> = <definition> vassago learn coffee = a wonderful beverage
EXPLAIN explain <term> vassago explain coffee
UNLEARN unlearn <term> vassago unlearn coffee
MOON moon vassago moon
TAROT tarot vassago tarot
ESP esp <number between 0 and 100> vassago esp 42
SEEN seen <nickname> vassago seen Malatesa
NUMEROLOGY numerology <term> vassago numerology Hello World
RUNES runes vassago runes
SAY say <phrase> vassago say Hello World
HELLO hello vassago hello
JOINMSG joinmsg <phrase> vassago joinmsg Look who just came in!
PARTMSG partmsg <phrase> vassago partmsg Oh, there goes so-and-so
PENTACLES pentacles <nickname> vassago pentacles Malatesa
DATE date vassago date
CONFIRM confirm <phrase> vassago confirm Whatever you say!
NICKNAME nickname <term> vassago nickname Wil
LIB lib <search term> vassago lib gerald gardner
Vassago's private commands
AUTH /msg vassago auth <password> /msg vassago auth secretWord
EMAIL /msg vassago email <email address> /msg vassago email
PIC /msg vassago pic <url> /msg vassago pic
BIO /msg vassago bio <string> /msg vassago bio I'm a coffee-drinking computer geek
POKE /msg vassago poke <nickname> /msg vassago poke malatesa
HOT /msg vassago hot <nickname> /msg vassago hot malatesa
SIT /msg vassago sit <nickname> /msg vassago sit malatesa
FLIRT /msg vassago flirt <nickname> /msg vassago flirt malatesa
LIKE /msg vassago like <nickname> /msg vassago like malatesa

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This is soooooo helpful, thank you Malatesa!   :thumbs:
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