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One I came across after a massive headache

Hello, everyone.  I hope there is someone here that can help me discover what this strange symbol is.  I've been hesitant to reveal it to others, but I do need help with it.  My own research has turned up little more than conjecture.
I came across this symbol after attempting to meditate and enter the deeper recesses of my mind, getting a massive headache and seeing flashes of imagery and symbols in my mind. This was, sadly, all I could manage to reproduce before my mind refused to recall more.

The symbol has two versions. Sometimes, the bottom half is a Z rather than an hourglass.  I have shown this only to a select few before now, and every person says they feel a strange familiarity from it, with all stating to the effect of "I know I've seen it before, and feel like I SHOULD know what it means, but I can't find the words".

If anyone can help me identify the origin and meaning of this symbol, it would be most appreciated.

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