The Ouija Board Part 1 of 3


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History, Lore and Use of a ouija or spirit board

The Ouija Board

History, Lore and Use of a Ouija or Spirit Board - Part 1 of 3

"Never use a Ouija board alone!" This is a statement spoken with the foreboding of impending disaster in horror movies and it is usually followed by a series of dreadful events involving demonic possession, head spinning and bizarre deaths.

Unfortunately, many people's only knowledge of Ouija boards comes from what they see in movies and on television. And so, despite the absence of any basis in reality, it has become a popular belief that Ouija boards are dangerous, especially, if they're used alone.

The fact is, Ouija boards can be used safely by all except those who suffer from mental illness. So, rest assured. As long as the sitters involved are mentally healthy people it is very safe to use a spirit board either alone or with others.

Fundamentally, Ouija boards, whether manufactured by Parker Brothers or hand made spirit boards, are simply wood, paper fibers, plastic, glass, paint and whatever other ordinary substances go into their construction.

There is nothing to fear in a Ouija board. Furthermore, Ouija boards only work when people are involved. They are simply a psychic tool like any other tool. You can use it wisely or destructively. And, some people are more skilled at using these tools than others.

Many people get good results with the Ouija board when they are, fearless, well-intentioned and have in their minds the entity or the kind of entity with whom they wish to communicate.

History of the Ouija or Spirit Board

Early spirit boards were all made of wood, with letters and symbols painted onto the board.

"Ouija" is the name of a particular spirit board trademarked by Parker Brothers. In the past these boards had different names under different manufacturers.

The word "Ouija" is a term applied generally to all spirit boards.

A brief history of the Ouija:

In 1880s, businessman Elija Bond introduced the first spirit board as a parlour game.

In 1891, Charles Kennard of the Kennard Novelty Company patented the first spirit board in the U.S. under the name "Ouija." Popularly, the term "Ouija" is said to have been derived from the French and German words for, "Yes," "Oui" and "Ja." But, Kennard said he gave the board this name because the spirit board told him that "Ouija" was Egyptian for "Good Luck." As far as anyone knows, this is not Egyptian "Good Luck" or anything else. Yet, in the beginning of their manufacture, they were actually referred to as "Egyptian Luck" boards.

In 1854, Adolphus Theodore Wagner patented the first "talking board" in London, England.

In 1898, Ouija board manufacture was turned over to William Fuld. The boards would become alternately called "Fuld boards" for a time.

In 1913, a Spiritualist named Pearl Curran began receiving message from an entity called "Patience Worth," through the spirit board. The result was several books authored by this spirit who originally lived in England during the Middle Ages.

In 1966, the Fuld patent was sold to Parker Brothers. Early Parker Brothers boards were made of wood, but soon this gradually gave way to cheaper manufacture until now they are made of only cardboard and plastic.

Now there are a variety of spirit board manufacturers besides Parker Brothers. For example, occult author Raymond Buckland has his own "board," which is made of laminated paper. There are more sophisticated-looking boards made of cardboard and plastic or glass like the Psychic Circle.

And, there are numerous independent spirit board manufacturers who are still making gorgeous wooden boards. The quality of these boards varies.

What to Look for When You Buy a Spirit Board:

There are many complaints about the new Parker Brothers Ouija boards, which is why there are so many different kinds of spirit boards being manufactured. People are looking for higher quality and better functionality in their boards.

Any board you consider purchasing should have a highly slippery surface. There should be little friction between the planchette and the board.

There should be plenty of room for the planchette to slide around on the board without falling off. This is a big problem with some currently manufactured boards. The planchette should be an appropriate size for the board. The main problem with the current mass manufactured spirit boards. Some makers have decreased the size of the board without considering the size of the planchette.

Unless you're a collector, you may not have many boards in your possession to choose from. So, choose wisely, especially if you are choosing a custom board. Select a spirit board you feel strongly attracted to.

How Do Spirit Boards Work?

Ouija boards work through a process called psycho-kinesis, which can occur once there is sufficient build up of bioplasmic energy in the instruments of the board and planchette.

Some people have better luck getting the boards to work than others. A variety of factors come into play with regard to achieving success with spirit boards.

A person working with a Ouija alone must have a very strong supply of his or her bioplasmic energy. The sitter must be strong and healthy. This is one reason why the boards sometimes work better with more than one person. Usually, multiple people supply more bioplasmic energy than a single person.

Good Experiences Using the Ouija or Spirit Board Alone

Only in recent decades have spirit boards been associated with anything negative. Early experimenters used them as part of their investigations into the nature of the world beyond.

Alex Kardec talks about their use in "The Book of Mediums."

Other experimenters wrote of their personal experiences with the boards, none of which involved the elements common to stories today involving poltergeists and demonic possession.

Positive experiences with spirit boards center on the intention of the user. When the sitter is clear-minded and focused does the board become a means of spirit communication. The sitter gets out of the board what he or she puts into it.

One example concerns a young woman who has used her spirit board alone to receive messages of comfort and guidance from her deceased grandmother. She communicates regularly with the spirit of her grandmother who has served as a support contact or "control" for other spirit communications - all very positive.

How to Use a Ouija or Spirit Board Alone

Once you have selected a Ouija or spirit board you are comfortable with you can begin your first session. Of course, you can invite a friend, but it is also entirely possible to get good results alone.

Semi-darken the room so that you can relax and focus more easily. Arrange the room so you can be comfortable with the board on your lap.

If you have a video camera, set it up to focus on the board. You will probably have to illuminate the board a little to get a good image. You might also want to set up your video to run off the electrical socket instead of its batteries. Even minor spirit manifestations can drain brand new batteries in a matter of a couple of seconds.

Alternatively, you can use a digital recorder. The benefit of using is a recorder is that when the planchette begins to move, you can speak the letters aloud. Also, you have the chance of recording some Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) during the session. Keep extra batteries handy.

Make sure the feet of the planchette are clean and that the Ouija board is free of dust. A soft, dry towel will sufficiently wipe away dust or fingerprints so that the planchette can glide freely. Sit with the board on your lap. Place one or both hands lightly on the planchette. It is imperative that you are comfortable and relaxed.

You may begin your session with an invocation or prayer. This can be something really simple or it can be as elaborate as you'd like. Some people even begin the session with an elaborate ritual. But, it is enough to say something simple that states your purpose and asks for help. For example, "I call upon my guardian angels to aide me and oversee this operation."

Ask aloud if the person you're talking about is available. Be patient. It takes time for the planchette to build up sufficient bio-magnetism, especially with a single sitter. If you don't have success after half an hour, take a break. Come back and try it again after some water and a light snack.

Many external factors play into success with the Ouija board, as well. Sunspot activity, the weather and astrology are a few. This is another reason it pays to sit with the board regularly.

Be consistent in your sessions. Sittings held at the same time every evening or every week tend to yield the best results. Persistence pays off.

It takes time for the board and the planchette to be imbued with your energy. This is why you may have to work with it for some time before you begin to see results.

If you have a clear head and you are not in a state of any kind of mental or emotional upset, you will have better clearer communications.

Pay attention to external factors, as well, such as thunderstorms, geomagnetic and solar activity and astrological timing.

It is true that the boards are just boards, but, they do have the tendency of opening up people's psychic and mediumistic abilities. Therefore, using the spirit board in the way it should be used is actually a very good tool for psychic development and paranormal investigation.

Spirit boards are, also, excellent tools for meditation. Using a spirit board as a meditative tool can lead to spirit communication. The most important thing is what is in the mind of the sitter. The spirit board can be a tool for uplifting the soul and attuning to other frequencies or planes of existence.

It is not pleasant to see the use of spirit boards maligned or hearing of them being misused or abused by silly or irresponsible people. This will help set the record straight about how they can and should be used.



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Malatesa said

On last load, some of the images are missing from the post. Lemme know if you want… I can try to insert the correct images in the post, @light

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   >>>A brief history of the Ouija:
In 1880s, businessman Elija Bond introduced the first spirit board as a parlour game…..<<

Some MORE Historical Facts….

The web site that fostered this info, (as with many regarding Spiritual details) lacked some of the earlier History and details…
For the most part I can choose to ignore those infractions - but in this case I feel  it is more valuable to actually TEACH that History is not always as it seems!
Having actually researched, and uncovered this Topic pattern on a more Spiritual Occult expanded level - and produced a Paper to that effect in 2018 - I feel it more prudent to improve upon the above Forum's Post …

    I will follow this Post with the later versions that were also in place over History in the East….way back in the Chinese Dynasty (found in China around 1100 AD),!!!

     Ouija Board (copyrighted within the Grimoire of Astropaths c2018)

        The 'Talking Board' dubbed the 'Witch-Board' was first produced by Charles Kennard sometime after 1848 and before 1886 (founder of Kennard Novelty Company which manufactured Fuld's Talking Boards, and where Fuld had worked as a varnisher)
He claimed he learned the name "Ouija" from using the board, and that it was an Ancient Egyptian word 'We-jii' meaning "Good Luck".
(In truth, the name “Ouija” was written on the necklace locket that Bond’s sister-in-law, Helen Peters was wearing at the time. This was indeed a popular good luckTalisman - called ‘oudja’ c1885 )..

History later shows that this was a creation by businessman Elijah Bond, who had the idea to patent a Planchette sold with a board on which the alphabet was printed, much like the previously existing 'Talking Boards' c1886.
The patents was filed on May 28, 1890 for patent protection, and thus was credited with the invention of the Ouija board.

BEFORE this however (according to G.W. Cottrell, the manufacturer of the first Planchettes (in America) previous to that) was in fact attributed to French Monks, who were responsible for devising the Planchette, (as a Spirit Writing' tool) in a Parisian Monastery.

Both Board Manufacturers claimed (as shown in the above Forum Post Dialogue pre this response) that the idea was obtained through Spiritual Mediums - first introduced in c1848 using a similar process….known as 'Spirit Writing'..

In the details of the History shared in the main Website/s (- and again as above Forum Post), there is a line that remarks:>
"Exactly when the alphabet board with the detached message indicator came into use is unknown although it would have been early".

That remark had me digging in my Archive of materials - (documents that seem to many to have little or no interest) - I thus discovered possibly the First known version……..stemming from the 1600's (see images), that then followed through later, as the "Idea" which was published in an English 'Spiritual' Magazine in 1791, sharing details of the 'system' that had been 'invented' by a gentleman known as 'Honairable Robert Boyle'. (Robert Boyle 1627-1691)…

In the History of his works, he wrote in his notes 'Wishes' - two that pertained to the desire of:
**The Cure of Wounds at a Distance.
**The Cure of Diseases at a Distance
(Today both are an Art that can be achieved from a Spiritual level)

In 1644 Boyle (at the age of 17) had a conversation with François Perreaud (1572–1657), who later wrote Démonographie, ou traité des démons, which Boyle then arranged to have translated into English by Peter du Moulin (the younger, 1601–1684).

In his works, he makes comment of this 'Treatise' ..:>"some passages of the booke, did at length overcome in me (as to this narrative) all my settled indisposedness to believe strange things”.
The idea may have stemmed from another Book known as 'Book of Charms' c1600's (see image below) where the workings indicate Spirit contact..
(This book is still undergoing Translation)

Boyle considered three objections that might be made against such a belief:
1** The implausibility of the standard means of bringing about such intervention
2** The unreliability of the witnesses
3** The impossibility of incorporeal beings interacting with matter.

He later concluded - "We men understand very little of the nature, customes, & government of the Intelligent creatures of the spirituall world: and particularly what concernes the Falne Angells or bad Daemons.
And therefore they being themselves invisible to us, and capable of working in wayes that our sences cannot discerne; and being Agents of great craft & long experience; tis no wonder that many of their actions, thô never so pollytickly contrived & carried on, should seem irrationall to us: who know so little of their particular inclinations & designes, and the subtil & secret methods in which they carry them on”…..

Somewhere between the age of 17 - mulling over the causes, and the Treatise he had been charged with - he created an experiment - which to his surprise had the 'Cause and Effect' - he so argued against….

The ORIGINAL Text is written in old English - the letter "S" is seen as a "F" (often due to the fact that there was not enough s's available in the printing press - so they used f as an alternative)….and many of the words are 'spelt' differently than what is known today…… the reading of the material may play with the mind as it tries to sort the discrepancy..

I however want to share it in it's original format (The value of that Teaching is to show the Student of Arts the writings that then occured - BEFORE Translation) ….. those that may be used to reading such formats - tend to get by quite effectively….

The page concerned in this Monthly print starts:>
November c1791 -
Way to know each other's mind at a diftance, by fympathy of motion ; a fecret from the works of the Honaurable Robert Boyle. (Robert Boyle 1627-1691)

"LET there be two needles made of the fame iron wire, at the fame time, and touched by the fame load-ftone; let them be framed north and fouth, when the Moon is in Trine with Mars and applying to one of the fortunes. The needles fo made, place them in a concave box each by itfelf; then make two circles anfwerable to the diameters of the needles, divide them into twenty four equal parts, according to the number of letters in the alphabet; then place, the letters in order round each circle.
Now when you defire to make known each other ’s mind, the day and hour Being firft concluded on, you muft place your boxes with the needles properly fufpended therein, then having pen, ink and paper in readinefs, and with each party a loadftone, he that intends firft to begin, muft with his loadftone gently caufe the needle to move from one letter unto another, till a word is perfected, according to which motion the other needle will turn.
After a fmall ftay they muft begin another word, and fo forward until his mind is known; which being done, the other friend with his loadftone muft do as before; moving gently from letter to letter, until he has returned anfwer accordingly.
This has held fo true when rightly managed, that hundreds of pounds have been won in the late Irifh Lotteries. "

This image is c1600 - Spirit Contact Instruction

c1600 - Spirit Contact Instruction.jpg

  The Later versions of the Spirit Talking Board - took on several design's and changes not recorded in the Website's Documentation…
Below are images that show the Timeline before it became the Parlar version that many know todate..
  These images tell a better story - and express the changes that many veiwed as being one thing or another!


Rare 1855 Spiritoscope made by Dr. Robert Hare

iRare 1855 Spiritoscope made by Dr. Robert Hare.jpg

Hudson Tuttle's Psychograph from the 1880's - Spirit Board


Egyptian Luck Board c1890's


Kennard 'Witch-Board' c 1895


DEC 1897    'Igili' - Talking Board


Christian Version early 1900's (that involves the Hindu Tradition ??)
Advertised a 'Hindoo Luck Board' ??!!
Love some of the 'Comments' expressed on the Advertisment…


“Isaac Pease’s ‘Spiritual Telegraph Dial’ from the 1850's - above 1910 version


When Children misbehave! c1920
Always the BEST punishment - Just set a Spirit on them!!


Talking Board' - later dubbed 'Witch-Board' c1920


24 Jul 1920  Devil's Telephone
(Just a Call away - and a Deal to be agreed!!)

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