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Getting Started

Quick-Witch Tips

Study Suggestions
1. The Triple Goddess and Horned God - represent Nature
2. The texts Charge of the Goddess & full Wiccan Rede as guidelines, not holy writ
3. Cycle of Holidays - Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh
4. Elements - passive energies 🔽Water & ⏹Earth; and active energies  ⏏️Air & 🔼Fire
4. Basic spell methods - Bottle, Potion 🔽, Cords & Grids ⏹; trance/chant, sigil ⏏️, Candles 🔼
5. Altars use gear as elements 🔽🍸cup, ⏹⭐️🧂salt; ⏏️💨incense, 🔼 🗡🕯candles &⚱️oil
6. Using a circle as sacred space, to shift consciousness & as a magical support

Build personal skills
. Focusing - 🕯👀hold your gaze on a candle flame’s colorful dance until it’s all you see
. Grounding -  Think it & connect your energy down the spine into the earth
. Centering - Draw power on the breath from earth & sky into the belly
. Projecting - Think it & push power from the belly & thru your hands 🙌🏽
. Shielding - Focus, ground, center, project energy from the belly to your aura

Your Workspace
. Meditate a few times to fill your space with good vibes & create a clean slate to build on before setting up your gear
. Prep table/tools - damp-wipe, incense, anoint with oil to hold a charge & magnetize with energy 🙌🏽
. It’s OK to substitute aerosol for incense & to use LED candles when smoke & flame aren’t allowed.
. Altar - place Passive(-) 🚺🕯,🍷,🧂to the left & ⭐️ in center; Active(+) 🚹🕯,🗡, 💨 to the right balances polarity (-/+); energy naturally flows from (-) to (+) & thus the altar mimics Nature.
. A Simple circle will introduce the elements - Walk deosil 🔃 thrice - 1st purify with 💦 salted-water for Earth & Water, 2nd bless with incense 💨 for Air & Fire, 3rd 👆🏽air-draw an earth-invoking pentagram ↙️⭐️ to begin. Point and cast circle; do what you came for; draw a banishing ↗️⭐️ to close & ground left-over energy to end.

About Spells
. Choose ingredients related to the goal by element, how it is used, suggestive appearance
. Use incantations to say what you want & don’t say what you don’t want
. Pull power to your belly on the breath, focus intent, push power thru hands into spell
. Intent ex., - protection (wards, banishing), prosperity (🥰🍀💰), purification (consecrate, cleanse)
. Methods - Bottle, Potion-🔽, Cords, Stone Grids-⏹; Trance/chant, sigil-⏏️ , Candles-🔼

Basic Candle Spell - spread a dab of olive oil onto a 🕯; hold it between your palms as you draw power to your belly & push intent into the cold candle. Speak your incantation 3 times. Stand the candle in its holder & light the wick. Air-draw 👆🏽 the invoking pentagram ↙️⭐️. Gaze at the flame for a minute thinking of the result you expect. Thank the Powers & let the candle burn all the way down. It’s OK to snuff & relight as needed. Put stubs in the trash.
. Tip - Place petitions under LED candles & reuse the LED candle again & again

Petitions  - write a goal in a few words on a 3-inch paper. Turn the paper 1/4 turn. Overwrite goal with recipients’ name & turn the paper 1/4 turn. Then overwrite all with your name. What is over dominates what is under. Anoint paper with oil & magnetize with your intent. Place the petition under a candle. Set timer. When the candle times out the spell is done. Shred or burn the paper when spell is done to release the spell.
. Turn the petition deosil ↩️ to attract or increase, turn it widdershins ↪️ to banish or decrease

Elemental Correspondence Mini-Reference
⏏️ E-Air:wand, incense, aerosol; 🟡; intellect; marjoram, mint, sage; feather, bubbles; citrine, yellow tiger eye; sigil, trance-chant
🔼 S-Fire:blade, oil, candle; 🔴; vitality, partnership; bay, basil, rosemary, pepper; carnelian, red jasper; candles
🔽 W-Water:cup; 🔵; emotions, psychism; lemon, rose, chamomile, thyme; seashells, bells; turquoise, sodalite; bottle, potions
⏹ N-Earth: pentacle, stone; 🟢; home, prosperity; grains, mugwort, patchouli, salt; hematite, jadeite, aventurine; grids, mandalas, knots


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Thank you for sharing this. I think this is really helpful.
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