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Witches Chat is a 100% FREE online community for Witches, Pagans, the Spiritually inclined, and those seeking shelter from the storm. We don't have ads or membership fees.
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We disseminate literature and provide a platform for sharing news, information, and experiences in support of earth-centered spiritual paths.
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To help people fall into love with the beauty of the world, and with each other; to help each other to give more than we take, be more inclusive, selfless, and exceptional.

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Lancelot Robinson is in the usergroup ‘Witch’

   Loving yourself is important- but don't become self satisfied ad arrogant. Keep learning and improving. There is so much male need out there, and so much greed at their expense. I paid top dollar to earn a ni dan black belt and learn how to get a woman. I am getting revenge by GIVING IT AWAY! I mailed off my first Dating and Attraction guide to a guy from this site today, and know a guy who wants to learn Gomi Ryu, my stripped down martial arts style that will enable almost anyone to fight at black belt level in a year or less. The Gomi Ryu classes are open to women as well. Since I'm not in it for the money my class is open to those 18 and up. I don't need some 5 year old kid who doesn't want to be there.  GREED is what is wrong with this country.

      Love yourself- and treat your body with love. Exercise it.

Hello! I'm Tara.


themystic_fish is in the usergroup ‘Radical activist’

Hello all!

I am a 36 year old woman from the Appalachian Mountains of NC.

I was brought up in a devout Christian setting…
I've always been able to see and feel things others couldn't.. so I always questioned everything I was taught.
I've been deeply spiritual for years. In the last year, I've been fast tracked by the abilities and gifts I've had my entire life, into divination and magic.
I asked and I received.

I wouldn't say that I'm wiccan per-say. I'm more eclectic and solitary.  I find peace and comfort in the rituals and spells I perform. I find guidance for myself, and others, through divination.
I don't have a set path yet. I'm still fairly new to all of this.

Currently I work for a small company, in herbs and botanicals.. also very helpful! So many things have lead me to my path, and it it is passionate and very personal.
Everything has lead me here, and for years, I searched for "what made me special", my personal "craft".
I've always loved music, but couldn't play or sing. I've always loved art, but can't draw or paint. I love poetry, but have no will to write.

But out of the blue, inspiration struck, and I couldn't ignore it.  And things have come to fruition, without explination, furthering my belief in things unknown.
I just want to love and encourage people, use my intention for good. Draw power from the earth, the universe, and the creator, for all things good.
And give it back.

I'd love to meet some like minded folks. I found this forumn out of the blue, sitting at work on my own downtime.
Please feel free to reach out, I do have very limited social media.
I will be checking back here during the week.

Thank you to all for having me!


hello! ✨


jesslahtidah is in the usergroup ‘Curious onlooker’

hi everyone!

i am brand new to wicca. the only experience i had was when i went to a meeting in college to do a paper. the people there were so kind and i enjoyed the conversation. they included me and i just felt so safe. anyways, i wanted to join myself! sooo hello! lol.

Hello Eveyone


AnnaGardner is in the usergroup ‘Radical activist’

My name is Andria Gardner I am kin to Gerald Gardner He is my Great Great Great Grandfather. I am located in Cookeville TN I have been Practicing tarot and wiccan for almost a year now. I have gotten really good at reading peoples emotions, and body langaue. I would love to meet and hang out with other witches please message me if you want to get to know each other 

I'm new and would !i've help


Ronwolf is in the usergroup ‘Prophet/ess’

  • Posted 5th March 2021, 4:41 PM
  • By Ronwolf

Hey can any of my fellow witches or wizards or any natural being help me learn how to use my magik it's really weird and although I've managed it since I was 7 I'm 13 now and it's grown I would like some help learning about and what all I could do.

I am me. Who are you?


Aprilshowers is in the usergroup ‘Radical activist’

Hello all. My name is Aprilshowers. Aka Adriana. I am a Taurus. I believe in energies. Interested In divination. I am kind of new to witch craft, and a student of brujería, which to me and my family is more of an open mind to energy, the good, how to get rid of the bad, and respect of the unknown and respect to the people who heal us or are guided by saints. 

Starter practice


Aprilshowers is in the usergroup ‘Radical activist’

I am new to this group. I would also like to start practicing. But just like everyone else I don’t know where to start. So I am Hispanic with catholic roots, so my up bringing was superstitious. From wearing red bracelets to keep away the evil eye, to cleansing a with eggs to help remove negative energy. My grandmother even burns sage every time I move homes. But there is so much information out there. I want to practice with energies, protection, earth and things of the like. 


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